a sci-fi narrative game about screens, small rooms, and existential dread

Supposedly Wonderful Future uses the following assets made by the amazing people who share their work online under Creative Commons or similar licenses.
(CC BY License)
Soothie, Oceanic by Michett
Subdivision of the Masses by Philipp Weigl
William Henry Harrison High School Fight Song by Steve Combs
Aboard The Alien Craft by Steve Combs & Delta Is
Crystal Echoes by Sergey Cheremisinov
Delirium, Oneiri, July by Kai Engel
Solace, Magic Hour by Three Chain Links
Caring Hands by soundtails
The Stars That Left by Telepathic Teddy Bear
Sunday by cdk
Our Ego [Feat. Different Visitor] by Broke For Free
Falling Down, Middle Passage by Ryan Little
Flux, Polysort, Bolt by Crinkles
Darkness and Light, East Wind by Chalk Dinosaur
Supernova by Scott Buckley
Unknown Things by Robbero
(CC BY and CC0 Licenses)
Plotting a better life in Ugandan slums by Jon Spaull (SciDev.Net)
Rainy Days by Doug Family Page
Playing with Grandma and Grandpa Rees by Karl and Angela Rees Family
CASACL - Santiago Skyscraper Destruction by Claudio Silva Aravena
PPD Pub Crawl by Tim Lee
White Screen Studio Setup Time-lapse by Cowley Associates
by Vimeo-Free-Videos (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14)
by Life-Of-Vids (link)
by Pexels (link)
by tommyvideo (1 2 3 4)
by PeteLinforth (1 2)
by PIRO4D (link)
by simonprodl (link)
by TBIT (link)
Yughues Free Decorative Plants by Nobiax / Yughues
Props for the Classroom, Sleeping bed by VR
Free Furniture Props by Vertex Studio
Clock by VIS Games
Bed by Amice Company
Origami Paper Crane by Longitude Unknown
Acoustic Guitar by NOT_Lonely
Timberland Working Boots by Cliche Studio
Cartoon Shoes 01 by Denys Almaral
shoes by innor
Women shoes by Essezeta 3d
Shooza.obj by radio3d
free-obj-mode-bed by FOURTH WAY
Modern Office Chair by cAnimator
by Jay Mantri (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) [CC0]
by geralt (1 2) [CC0]
by intographics (1 2) [CC0]
by azzurrodesign (link) [CC0]
by Efraimstochter (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) [CC0]
by joduma (link) [CC0]
by atimedia (link) [CC0]
by Greyerbaby (1 2) [CC0]
by PetiteLouve (link) [CC0]
by stark8 (link) [CC0]
by claude05alleva (link) [CC0]
by kelseyannvere (link) [CC0]
by cocoparisienne (link) [CC0]
by Chraecker (1 2) [CC0]
by Diggeo (link) [CC0]
by AlexVan (link) [CC0]
by Maddox74 (link) [CC0]
by pascalmwiemers (link) [CC0]
by guildrl (link) [CC0]
by alohamalakhov (link) [CC0]
by Clker-Free-Vector-Images (1 2 3) [CC0]
by OpenClipart-Vectors (link) [CC0]
by IO-Images (1 2) [CC0]
by Luis Llerena (link) [CC0]
by Caroline Gutman (link) [CC0]
by corina ardeleanu (link) [CC0]
by Sunset Girl (link) [CC0]
by Nick Karvounis (link) [CC0]
by Worthy Of Elegance (link) [CC0]
by Leeroy (link) [CC0]
by Katherine Lim (1 2) [CC-BY]
by jeffreyw (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) [CC-BY]
by Geoff Peters (link) [CC-BY]
by Ryu1chi Miwa (link) [CC-BY]
by david pacey (link) [CC-BY]
by Karen (link) [CC-BY]
by Hamza Daoui (link) [CC-BY]
by Brian Holland (link) [CC-BY]
by Javier Delgado (link) [CC-BY]
by Phylogeny Figures (link) [CC-BY]
by Gary (link) [CC-BY-SA]
by Ed Coyle (link) [CC-BY-ND]
by Lauren Manning (1 2) [CC-BY]
by yaph (1 2 3) [CC-BY-SA]
by (link) [CC BY]
by (link) [CC BY]
by newagesoup (1 2 3) [CC0]
by tonnonic (link) [CC-BY]
by Gingie (link) [CC0]
by wizbcn (link) [CC-BY]
by jeicob22 (link) [CC0]
by pillonoise (link) [CC0]
by HunteR4708 (link) [CC0]
by hintringer (link) [CC0]
by pagancow (1 2) [CC0]
by taure (link) [CC0]
by dotY21 (link) [CC0]
by FillSoko (link) [CC0]
by JasonElrod (link) [CC-BY]
by alegemaate (link) [CC0]
by RutgerMuller (link) [CC0]
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